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We offer a variety of roofing options, pre-engineered and factory-manufactured for easy and quick installation on-site. Our roof trusses, roof cassettes and attic room options are flexible and versatile and not limited to design restrictions. With an in-house CAD design team, we pre-fabricate to customer specification, provide structural calculations and ancillary schedules to ensure you have everything you need and cover the drawing stage and feasibility studies on request.

Roof Trusses

Webbed roof trusses are the most typically used form of framing in the housebuilding industry. The speed of manufacture and ease of installation (when compared to traditional building methods) provides a time-reducing and cost-effective solution. This allows for greater design flexibility – from simple, standard roof structures, to more architecturally stylized design concepts. A practical and economical roofing solution that uses less timber, requires no on-site storage facility or specific carpentry area and releases contractors to enable work to continue in other build areas.

With in-house CAD designers, we tackle all structural layouts, from the simple garage roof to more intricate, complex restoration, closely imitating traditional joinery methods and construction techniques. We provide structural calculations and ancillary schedules, ensuring you have everything you need. We cover the drawing stage and feasibility studies on request.

  • Cost effective and practical
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Bespoke, custom designed
  • Suitable for many types of roof covering
  • Flexible to both simple and complex designs
  • Environmentally friendly, economical and sustainable resource material
  • No on-site storage required

Roof Cassettes

Our pre-engineered roof cassettes combine the innovative manufacturing methods and design of our wall panels and floor cassettes to create an easy to install and cost-effective roofing solution. Using either I-joists or Posi-joists and with the option of being either open or closed panels, our roof cassettes can span large distances but still maintain low U-values and thermal efficiency. They provide a versatile roofing alternative with the flexibility to suit the bespoke requirements of the build project. Fully prefabricated in our factory, these ready-to-install modular panels are come ready-battened and sheathed with a protective waterproof membrane. This helps to reduce air leakage and negate the need for thermal bridging, allowing installation to continue with no adverse weather restrictions, providing a fully water-tight roof ready to receive the roof covering. Installed through craning, fewer site staff are required to work at height eliminating the need for prolonged scaffolding use thus reducing on-site Health and Safety risks and overall build costs.

  • Cost-effective and quick to install
  • Fully factory manufactured
  • Versatile to suit all roof types – Mono pitched, flat roofs, room in roof
  • Utilises whole loft space to allow for larger living area in the roof
  • Reduced air leakage and thermal bridging
  • Low U values
  • Enhanced energy performance
  • Fully watertight

Attic Rooms

As our roof trusses are so versatile, they can be fully-engineered to be attic-room-ready to provide the option of creating an additional room in the roof. The popularity of attic rooms is increasing every year; house and land prices are increasing, meaning homeowners are looking for other alternatives in order to create more living space. A room-in-the-roof allows an otherwise empty void to become a functional, usable room. Manufactured with a slightly steeper pitch, increased timber sections, a lower member which provides a floor platform and additional room loadings, our attic room trusses provide the potential for expansion without changing the footprint of the structure or the need for extensive building work. The benefits of such are that the trusses can span onto external walls allowing for more flexibility in roof and floor layouts. There are no restrictions in terms of design. Intricate roof layouts - taking into consideration dormers, roof windows and staircases - are as feasible as straightforward simple roof designs to optimize space and functionality of the dwelling.

  • Complete roof structure; once fully erected, internal work can commence
  • Increased living space without changing structural footprint
  • No restrictions on lower floor layouts as trusses span on to external wall
  • Economical, cost-effective and reduces build time
  • Flexible to both simple and complex designs; custom designed by in-house CAD designers
  • Reduces labour costs