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We manufacture both I-joists and Posi-joists for use in our modular floor cassettes. With in-house CAD designers, we pre-fabricate to customer specification. We provide structural calculations and ancillary schedules, ensuring you have everything you need. We cover the drawing stage and feasibility studies on request.


Posi-joists, or metal web joists, combine lightweight timber with the strength of steel webbing to create a lightweight but strong flooring joist that is suitable for both floor and roof use. Unlike solid floor joists, Posi-joists can span much greater distances allowing for greater flexibility in building design. They are quick and easy to install, can be manufactured in a range of depths and are suitable for use in both floors and roofs. The webbed metal structure allows easier and hassle-free access for cabling and plumbing services.

  • Cost-effective
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Lightweight but Strong and stable
  • Span greater distances allowing design flexibility
  • Versatile joist system – used for floors and roofs
  • Open web design allows easy access for services
  • 6 standard joist depths - 202mm, 225mm, 253mm, 304mm, 373mm, 421mm


I-Joists are lighter, quick to install and easier to handle than traditional joists.

So called because of their I or H shaped cross-section, they are designed with a vertical web set between two horizontal flanges. This allows them to be used across longer spans while retaining their structural integrity, also making them squeak-free. Other benefits of I-Joists include hassle free installation and the channelled structure creating easier access for cabling and piping services.

  • Cost-effective
  • Quick, easy and light to install
  • 4 flange width options – 47mm, 63mm, 72mm, 97mm
  • Span longer distances without bowing or splitting
  • Excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Squeak-free
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Floor Cassettes

Pre-engineered flooring modules (panels), manufactured using either I-joists or Posi-joists to meet design requirements and incorporating specifications such as, support conditions, load conditions and floor penetrations. Although floor cassettes are best suited to simple rectangular floor plans, logical segmentation of a more complex floor plan into simple, identical rectangular sections allows for greater flexibility of design. These ready-made flooring panels allow for quicker, easier construction and are straightforward to install without the need for specialist skills, thus reducing overall project build time and costs. This easy-fit flooring solution reduces the Health and Safety risks on-site by providing contractors with a stable working platform negating the need for them to work over dangerous voids with a fall arrest system in place.

  • Cost-effective and time-reducing
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Reduces on-site Health and Safety risks
  • Precision engineered
  • Flexible and versatile to design
  • Conforms to Robust Details for sound proofing