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This development was Retrofit – timber and insulation cladding ‘wrap’ over original solid stone walls. New-build – timber frame and cladding with high levels of insulation that made best use of its natural surroundings and resources including materials, light and energy.The approach was to create a building that fitted in naturally with its surroundings and was constructed with low-embodied energy materials and with high levels of insulation. It was also to have robust construction detailing and to make use of natural daylight, as well as to integrate renewable energy technologies for space heating, hot water and electricity generation in future phases of development. This site consists of two detached buildings. A single storey rectangular conference/education centre with office space and amenities. The second building is also single storey in an ‘L’ shape which consists of a restaurant/café area with kitchens and serving galley, public amenities and a plant room. Once completed, along with new solar electric panel systems (photovoltaics), the site would be zero carbon for its energy use (electricity, heating and hot water).

Client: Forestry Commission
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